Welcome to Cirque Art by Ray, a web blog of cartoon, character designs, and pinup art inspired by Cirque Du Soleil shows. Much of the art displayed here were requested by actual Cirque retail employees and created by Ray Richardson a retail sales associate of Cirque Du Soleil's La Nouba.
        Ray has been employed by Cirque for 3 years and is an aspiring character design and storyboard artist. In his spare time he creates art  using various media including marker on vellum, watercolor, pen and ink and digital. As a "Cartoon pinup artist" one of Ray's first Cirque inspired creations were a "Tissue Girl"  locker magnet. Once completed and displayed, several fellow employees requested their own locker magnets featuring their favorite Cirque performer. A small series of magnets featuring the Titan, Bird Girl, Maid and Diablo Girls currently adorn the employee lockers of La Nouba and the idea to create more art was formulated through several employees to be considered for Tee shirt designs, posters, and various other applications. As a result this web blog is now a showcase for some of the inspirational art Cirque employees can view and enjoy.

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